CBS Constructors

Pre-Cast Concrete Grandstands

Portland cement concrete is the ultimate choice for maximum longevity and minimum maintenance. When your needs require both seating and usable waterproofed space underneath that seating, the CBS Pre-Cast Grandstands will probably be the most cost effective structure.

Steel roof systems can be constructed to cover the seating area partially or in its entirety, and the area beneath the seating may be enclosed with masonry, metal wall panels or combinations thereof.

Outstanding Features of the CBS Pre-cast Concrete Grandstand System.

  • Riser/deck structure is waterproofed allowing the total area beneath the seating to be enclosed and developed into usable space without the use of a separate roof system under the seating area.
  • The complete concrete system is noncombustible with 2 to 4 hour fire ratings for the main structure and deck without the use of additional fireproofing materials. This also results in lower insurance premiums.
  • The concrete system requires minimum maintenance as the total system can be pressure washed or swept after events. Space under plank seats allows easy broom access.
  • The non-cluttered main support structure offers ease of construction for facilities under the seating.
  • Concrete is a sound absorbing (sound deading) material resulting in low noise levels from foot traffic, foot movement during events and reflected crowd and loudspeaker noise.
  • The pre-cast concrete system has non-slip walking surfaces over the total riser/deck area without the use of added abrasives or non-slip surfaces that require maintenance.
  • The total pre-cast concrete will be jobsite cast resulting in the use of local labor, materials and equipment to the maximum extent possible. This results in at least a partial return of construction capital to the community.
  • The clean lines of the completed structure are aesthetically pleasing resulting in a very attractive as well as cost effective structure.